For the Mining Jobseeker

The websites provided are a small number of those available to help you seek employment opportunities in the mining industry.  

Please find below a list of websites for recruitment & mining companies for mining positions throughout Australia, along with general information, to help you gain an insight into the mining industry and their requirements. 

When applying for jobs online you must have your resume on computer or memory stick/CD as to be able to attach it to online applications. Please contact the CDC for further information if you are not experienced in computer technology, or if you require resume assistance.


For those who are new to mining or are thinking about getting into a mining career check out the following...  -  An insight into what it’s like to be a dump truck driver on some of the biggest dump trucks in the world. Check out Lisa's website, where you can follow her blog as well as buy her eBook full of tips and advice on how to become a dump truck driver. – this site was developed by the wife of a mining husband.  There is a huge amount of information on here for those wishing to get into mining & also for families. – As website suggests - Women in Mining and Resources
of Western Australia  - News report on women in mining  – As per television advert run by the Australian Government   – The Roxby Downs area council’s website, has a large amount of information in relation to employment at the Olympic Dam Mine site.  - Underground Training Systems (UTS) has been set up to offer courses in hard rock underground mining (Gold, Nickel, Copper, Diamonds and many other base metals, excluding coal

Mining Websites related to employment include;


Other allied websites:   this is a chat site from which you can gain information from other mine employees. You can register or just look at the questions & answers that others have posted.   this has a short video to watch – in regards to drilling, living on camp & the conditions that you come across.

Training:   Construction Industry & Training Board – by applying for a CITB number you are able to access various training throughout the state in the building, civil and construction areas. Many of the courses on offer are transferable to the mining sector ie- dogging, rigging, crane operation etc. Once a CITB number has been obtained you can gain heavily subsidised training through the Construction Industry Training Centre, as well as other registered providers throughout the state. To find out more about getting a CITB number phone 8172 9500 or follow the information below. Construction Industry Training Centre – There are a number of courses available suitable for the mining industry.  During the course of the year we will endeavour to get them up to run various courses. We will advise you if & when courses are being run.


Please note: the above are only a very small number of websites available – you can Google search - Mining jobs + Australia OR mining Jobs + South Australia OR Mining Contractors,  this will bring up a list of sites available, please be aware that some companies ask that you pay a joining fee – we suggest that you ignore these sites.

Have you considered shut-down employment?  A shut down occurs when an area of a mine, factory, foundry etc closes for routine maintenance. Normally a large amount of maintenance is undertaken in a relatively short period of time and hence much labour is required. There are normally plenty of roles for labourers and trades assistants as well as for qualified trades people and employment can vary from 1 week in length to 1 month or longer and can be anywhere in Australia normally on a fly in / fly out basis.

To find out more – Google ‘South Australian Shut Down Employment’ or any other state that you are interested in, and see what you can find. Most of the above organisations are involved with Shut Down employment as well as longer term employment so you can contact them directly to find out more.  - Registration for Shutdown work at Olympic Dam.


Important Notice: Mining employment relies on applicants to be Drug and Alcohol Free. This means zero tollerance on all mine sites at all times. Be aware that drugs of all types (including medical and inhalants) can stay in your system for up to 3 months from the first dose.